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Commercial TPO Roofing In Orlando, FL

Commercial TPO Roofing In Orlando, FL

Commercial TPO Roofing In Orlando, FL

Commercial TPO roofing commonly referred to as cool roof, thermoplastic Polyolefin, or TPO, is a single-ply roofing membrane system that has been modified to provide improved ductility and resistance against impact. TPO has three membranes: TPO polymer base, polyester-reinforced fabric center, and a thermoplastic polyolefin compounded top, all in one.

TPO is therefore seen as a single layer synthetic and is mainly used as a commercial roofing solution for buildings with a flat top. Cool roofs are one of the fastest growing commercial roofing systems because of its affordability and applicability.

Commercial TPO Roofing Installation

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The process of commercial TPO installation is made up of several key steps that should be adhered to by a professional roofing company:

In commercial TPO installation, this involves removing the existing commercial roofing system while adding insulation and cleaning the substrate. The roof is prepared to ensure that it is dry, clean, and free from any sharp or pointed projections that would otherwise tear the membrane. In the case two surfaces meeting at a right angle, cant-strips are necessary.

Insulation is added during commercial TPO installation to improve energy efficiency and also to protect the membrane from damage that may occur by water vapor. Insulation is fastened either mechanically using nails if the surface is secured using urethane adhesive. Some forms of commercial TPO roofing use steeped roofing asphalt over primed structural concrete decks. Wood nailers can also be added along the perimeter of the roof if the slope exceeds a certain threshold.

A cover board, usually ⅝” plywood or OSB, is then placed atop the insulation in the commercial TPO roofing installation. This is the site where the membrane will be attached. Sharp edges on the boards are to be sanded down during this stage. Separator sheets, made from fiberglass or polyester can then be added at this stage.

The membrane is then installed using either bonding adhesive, mechanical fasteners, or a ballasting system. The membrane should be laid in such a way that wrinkles and buckles are not formed. Ideally, adhesive should be applied on the membrane’s entire surface area to prevent air bubbles and movement. Using this method, adhesive is applied in specific sections of the membrane. Half sheets and off-cuts are to be used on the perimeter areas of the commercial roof.

The side lap areas are then fastened into place mechanically using fasteners and plates. Once the membrane has been fully laid, the seams are sealed off using a hot air welding machine or a hand welder and silicone roller. All seams have to be probed with necessary repairs made to ensure a complete seal of the membrane.

Drainage is an important factor to consider in commercial TPO roofing. To prevent the roof from developing leaks and holding water, drip edges are installed in the final stage to guide water to the gutter system. T-joints are also added in every section of the roof where the membrane overlaps.

Flashing is also done on all walls and curbs as a measure of directing water flow along areas of the commercial roof that are susceptible to leakage.

Advantages of Orlando Commercial Cool Roofs

The major advantage that is accrued from use of commercial TPO roofing lies in its affordability. It is way cheaper than other traditional forms of rolled rubber.

Since the material used in commercial TPO roofing is white on the topside, it is useful in temperature regulation. Since white reflects heat, rays from the sun are reflected away from the building. The insides of the building will not become excessively hot hence savings on air conditioning.

Because it is made using lightweight material and the few seams it has, cool roofs are quite easy to install. Commercial TPO roofing allows the option in how it is installed. It can either be fastened on the deck or attached using adhesives.

Cleaning of the TPO roof does not have to be done using high-pressured water.

Commercial TPO roofing is resistant to corrosion, ultraviolet rays, chemical exposure, algae growth, mildew, punctures, and tears making it one of the most durable commercial roofing solutions.

The property of the white TPO surface reflecting back the Florida sun’s ultraviolet rays prevents further heating of the earth’s surface and as such proves to be environmentally friendly.

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When a commercial roof is constructed and maintained properly, the lifespan of the commercial roof is significantly increased. We stand behind our commercial roofing projects in the Orlando community and cannot wait to help many other Orlando commercial businesses with any of their commercial roofing repairs or replacements they may need. There are many benefits of commercial roofing, such as smoother occupancy, lower temperatures inside the building, and less cooling load on the air conditioners. Contact Hi Low Roofing today to learn more about all the benefits a new roof coating or commercial roof replacement can do for both your business and bottom dollar!


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