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Commercial Roofing Company in Orlando, FL

Commercial Roofing Company in Orlando, FL

Commercial Roofing Projects

Commercial buildings have wider roofs and in order to benefit from your building’s roof, we recommend roof coating. Whether you’re looking for protection or a more energy efficient roof, we at Hi Low Roofing can supply you with the proper coatings so you can feel at ease inside your building. Our roof contractors team up to provide your roof with the coating it needs on schedule. Don’t put your roof in the hands of inexperienced roofing contractors. Don’t waste your time with other roofing companies in Orlando, FL, you can count on us, an established Orlando, FL roofing company, to protect your building.

Orlando Commercial Roofing Company

Hi Low Roofing is an Orlando commercial roofing company serving Orlando and the surrounding communities for commercial roof repair and commercial roof installation. Commercial buildings have wider roofs which means we generally recommend roof coating services. Whether you’re looking for protection or a more energy efficient roof, we at Hi Low Roofing can supply you with the proper commercial roof coatings so you can feel at ease inside your building. Our Orlando commercial roof contractors team up to provide your commercial roof with the coating, repairs or installation it needs.

Count on Us As Your Orlando Commercial Roofing Contractors

Whatever type of industry you own, a significant roof leak can cause serious problems to your business. Commercial roof leaks can have a detrimental effect on your company and increase both you and your employees a great amount of stress.

A commercial roofing company should ensure that the commercial roof is repaired or replaced correctly. We can determine the right commercial roof coating or repair that is required. Furthermore, we can guarantee that each step of the commercial roofing project starting from beginning to completion is a smooth and seamless process.

Commercial Roofing Contractors

A commercial roofer is experienced in replacing industrial rooftops. An Orlando roofing contractor is well equipped to handle any challenges involved in completing a commercial roof replacement, repair of full roofing system installation. As commercial roofers, we minimize or eliminate disruption to your everyday operations. Businesses can depend on our commercial roofing company to have the ideal blend of modern roofing technologies and traditional craftsmanship whether for roofing repairs, roof coatings or roof replacements.

Whether you need regular or urgent commercial roofing maintenance, a repair to an existing commercial roof, or technical advice in selecting the most appropriate commercial roof for your building, we are the commercial roofing company in Orlando that will get the roofing project done right the first time!

Why Choose Hi Low Roofing For Your Orlando Commercial Roofing Project

As an Orlando commercial roofer for industrial buildings, we are a reputable commercial roofing company with many years of experience in all facets of roofing repair and replacements. You and your business can depend on Hi Low Roofing as your commercial roofing contractor to successfully complete your commercial roofing project. We understand the challenges involved in delivering the best commercial roofs available in the Orlando and surrounding communities. Our quality commercial roofs are designed and installed to help withstand strong winds, rain, hail, and other severe weather conditions during Florida’s hurricane season. Hi Low Roofing is a unique commercial roofing company that employs knowledgeable and trained commercial roofing employees. As commercial roofers, we do commercial leak inspections, roofing maintenance, roofing repair, reroofs, and complete roofing installations. Our commercial roof systems include roof coatings, adjusted bitumen, EPDM, TPO, and PVC. Like any other established commercial roofer, we do our work with commercial roofing materials manufactured in the United States that provide the highest quality materials for your commercial roofing needs.

Orlando Commercial Roofing Repair

Since the majority of Orlando commercial roofs are flat, unfortunately when rooftop leaks occur they can be a serious problem. Because water does not drain off a flat roof the way it does from a sloping roof, the flat roof is prone to leaking. Hi Low Roofing is a commercial flat roofing contractor and commercial roofing company well known for excellent commercial repairs. Our roofing technicians are skilled and trained in the following areas:
1. Roofing repairs and maintenance
2. Analyzing and fixing the cause of the roof leak
3. Replacement of bitumen, EPDM, TPO, and PVC flat roofs
4. Restoration, removal, and resealing of flashing
5. Pipe plugs retrofitting
6. Curbs and chimney caps for roofs
7. Managing roof repair programs for businesses
8. Roof coatings that are environmentally safe, extremely effective, and defensive

High Quality Products Used by Commercial Roofers

Hi Low Roofing stands by our quality workmanship by using the strongest and most durable roofing materials. Once we complete the roofing project for your company, we always want you to be satisfied with our commercial roofing services. We adhere to the following standards:

• Superiority
• Dependability
• Trustworthiness
• Security

Orlando Commercial Roofers Certified By GAF

To ensure that your commercial roof is installed properly, select a GAF-certified commercial roofing company. GAF-certified roofing contractors have received comprehensive instructions and preparations on commercial roof installation. GAF-certified commercial roofing companies in Orlando are up to date with the new commercial roofing techniques and procedures.

GAF Master Elite certification is not available to just all commercial roofing contractors. To qualify for certification, you must have operated a company for at least seven years and maintained a favorable reputation in the Orlando community. As an Orlando commercial roofing contractor, we have been serving our Orlando and surrounding community clients for many years. Utilizing a GAF-certified contractor in our firm ensures that your commercial roof is installed properly and efficiently.

Commercial Roofing Performance Guarantee

When your business’s roof needs to be repaired or replaced, you can depend on our professional commercial roofing team to successfully complete your commercial roofing project. Give us a call to quickly and efficiently patch any roofing leaks or help replace your entire commercial roof. 

Complete commercial roof replacements require a commercial roofing contractor that provides precise skills and techniques. Roof replacements should be mapped out on a timeframe to outline the roofing project from beginning to end. We fully understand how noisy the roof installation phase can be, but we make every effort to create a project schedule that will have the minimalist effect on your business. We understand that this is a significant investment, and we are the professional commercial roofing company that you can count on to complete your commercial roofing replacement or installation project. 

From blueprints, planning and development, structural engineering, and advisory practices, Hi Low Roofing is the premiere commercial roofing company of choice in the Orlando and nearby surrounding communities.

Contact The Best Commercial Roofing Company In Orlando

When a commercial roof is constructed and maintained properly, the lifespan of the commercial roof is significantly increased. We stand behind our commercial roofing projects in the Orlando community and cannot wait to help many other Orlando commercial businesses with any of their commercial roofing repairs or replacements they may need. There are many benefits of commercial roofing, such as smoother occupancy, lower temperatures inside the building, and less cooling load on the air conditioners. Contact Hi Low Roofing today to learn more about all the benefits a new roof coating or commercial roof replacement can do for both your business and bottom dollar!


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