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Tile Roofing - Hi Low Roofing

Tile Roofing - Hi Low Roofing


Tile roofing is both aesthetically pleasing and can last a long period of time, sustaining a variety of weather conditions. In earlier times, tile roofing was made from material such as terra cotta, slate, and fired clay. Nowadays, modern roofing tiles are made of concrete that is tinted and polished. These tiles used for roofing are also available in several shapes and sizes.

Tile roofing is a good choice for roofs that are exposed to hot weather or saltwater. Some types are exceptional at shedding moisture from cloudbursts, making them suitable for climates where it does not rain often, but when it does may deal with significant volumes of water in a short amount of time.

These tiles are very hard and can split under some circumstances. The tile roofing frames must be highly durable. A tile roofing structure is made up of overlapping roof tiles that are firmly fixed to a concrete substrate or roof deck. Tile roofing is a highly technical area of roof installation that requires a contractor who has worked and installed tile roofs of different materials and shapes. Tile roofs can be installed in several places such as residential, industrial, and cultural structures.

Types of roof tiles

Roof Tiles Made of Clay

Clay roof tiles are one of the oldest styles of roofing products, dating back hundreds of years. Clay is very moldable and there is a wide range of paint choices since clay retains the color well. Traditional clay tile roofs were a natural orange or red color, but modern tile roofs are available in many colors.

Roof Tiles Made of Concrete

Concrete tiles are also a common tile option. Concrete tiles, also known as cement roofing tiles, are made from a combination of portland cement, sand, water, and dyes. Concrete tiles can be molded into many styles and textures due to their fluid existence prior to drying. Weather conditions such as storms or hail are not a problem for these tiles. When comparing clay tile roofs to concrete ones, clay roof tiles last longer.

Tiles Made of roof Slates

The natural appearance, resilience, and sustainability of roof slates make them iconic. Roof slates first emerged in the United States in the northeastern region, where massive slate deposits were discovered. Roof slates are available in a wide range of colors and textures. The color of roof slates ranges from black to grey to purple to red to rust. Many clays or synthetic roof tile appearances imitate the form and feel of roof slates due to their prominence.

Styles of Tile roofing

Clay and concrete tiles are available in several types that can fit any aesthetic preference.

usually resemble rows of waves that are lapping with troughs between the rows to direct water away. They are a traditional Southwest roof style. Spanish tiles are usually found in areas where rains are infrequent, yet extremely intense when they do fall. This design is available in concrete tiles, terra cotta, and clay.

are similar to Spanish tiles, but they are reversed. They have a physical appearance that has vertical ridges with deep troughs that are shaped in scallop as seen from the side. This is a typical architectural form in northern European architecture.

look similar to Spanish tiles, except the rows have ribs that can be seen. Water troughs are more common, but they are smaller. Mediterranean design often employs these tiles. They are mostly constructed of concrete, but they may also be made of terra cotta or clay.

are normally made of concrete and designed to look like wood shakes or granulated asphalt shingles. Roofs made of slate are simply smooth shakes. These roofs have relatively flat areas that can quickly shed lighter rains. But they may not be suitable in areas where heavy and strong rains occur repeatedly. Almost any architectural theme can be accommodated by these tiles.

are constructed by flattened S-shaped clay tiles that have a rippled look. Pantiles are much thinner and less expensive than any other tiles.

like Spanish and Roman tiles, are semi-cylindrical but the cylinders are somewhat tapered, making them broader at one end. These are a popular option for curved roofs because of their tapering nature.

resemble a Roman roof that is reversed, with even larger troughs for channeling heavy rains.

are like double Roman tiles but, they are flattened with flat ridges interrupting shallow and troughs with a flat bottom as humps.

Advantages of tile roofing

A tile roof may last over a century, particularly in a favorable environment. It has been recorded that clay and concrete tile roofs can withstand hail, strong winds, and even burns. If tiles are installed, you would never need to replace them with another form of roofing.

Unlike timber, tile roofs are impervious to rot and insect harm.

Tile roofs are constructed with stones extracted from the earth and not chemical products. When they are discarded, they can be reduced to small particles and recycled.

Tiles’ high thermal mass helps in the regulation of temperatures indoors.

Leaks are rare, and tile roofs seldom need fixes or repairs unless they are damaged by a strong wind.

Tiles made of clay, concrete, and slate are available in an array of colors and textures to complement every home style, from Medieval to Contemporary European. Specific models also have the appearance of typical shingles or wood shakes.

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