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Commercial Roof Coating

Commercial Roof Coating

Commercial Roof Coating Experts

Hi Low Roofing operates with efficiency and integrity and we are passionate about giving you options regarding a roof sealer that will benefit your roof style. Many are not aware of the benefits of roof coatings and may believe that the only option is to replace the roof entirely, which can leave a big dent in your wallet. Roof coating can save you money and preserve your roof for additional years!

Choose To Coat Over A Full Replacement

Completing a roof replacement can be very expensive. This is especially true if you are in need of a larger job for an area such as a government building or corporate headquarters. Roof degradation often creeps up at unexpected times and you may not have the money saved or want to spend on an entire roof replacement. The financial burden can be a lot, and we are here to help circumvent these financial factors and give you an efficient and cost-effective alternative with roof coatings. This application is a lifesaver for many since you can avoid or delay the need for a roof replacement with roof coatings.

Advantages Of Roof Coating

Applying a roof coating will extend the life of your roof by up to 20 years. It also helps you to avoid those urgent and costly repairs since the coating helps to maintain your roof and act as a protective layer. Roof coatings provide a protective layer that will shield against intense weather conditions and protect what may have already started to degrade underneath. It will effectively reduce maintenance over time and give any business or homeowner some peace of mind. Whether you’re looking for protection or a more energy efficient roof, we at Hi Low Roofing can supply you with the proper coatings so you can feel at ease inside your building.

The Process In Detail

The first part of applying a roof coating involves a thorough cleaning of the roof’s surface to ensure even distribution with smoother and more effective results. This will ensure a nicer finish that will be more aesthetically pleasing. We are open to all feedback and will work with you to find a roof sealer that will best benefit you. Our passion is providing you with thorough results with a process that frees you of worrying about extensive roofing repairs. Our roof contractors team up to provide your roof with the coating it needs and the service you deserve.

Different Types Of Coatings

There are various types of roof coatings to consider before you begin the process. Asphalt is one and has a natural appearance that blends well with all styles and surroundings. It can be sprayed or brushed on and works well with metal roofs. Acrylic is another common option which works well and aids in the prevention of rust. Rubberized aluminum is another option that helps to insulate your home, reflects the sun’s rays, and is very resilient to any impact. It’s excellent for built-up or single-ply roofs among many others. Other options include polyureas, urethanes, polyurethanes, silicone, or granules.

Contact Us Today To Enhance Your Roof!

We are the top option for applying roof coatings in an effective manner and have experience in the industry across many different types of roofs. Applying a roof sealer is an effective alternative that you can benefit from tremendously, and we look forward to helping you with your roofing needs. 

Roof coatings may be a life saver in a situation where extensive roof repairs may seem like the only option available. Hi Low Roofing offers the best roof sealer options and we will be happy to answer any concerns or questions regarding the preparation or completion of your roofing project. Your business is important to us and we value each and every customer. Contact us today to learn more about roof coatings and how we can help with your roofing needs.


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