Breaking ground on a new building or in the design phase? We can help your team plan out roofing options that will work best. We can help make sure that your new construction roofing system is done correctly, up to code, and per the architect’s specifications. We work with roofing material manufacturers to make sure that what is installed can be warranted and is a quality roof that you can have confidence in.

Whether it’s for a new construction building or an addition to an existing building, we can handle all of your roofing needs. We can deliver a roofing design or work with your architects to get the right roofing system in place for your project. We’ve been installing new roofs in and around the central Florida area for years and are a trusted resource among top builders and property owners.

Contact Hi Low Roofing for a Free Estimate on your new construction project. Our team of roofing experts are ready to assist you!