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Minneola, Florida: The Sweetest Town in the Land of Flowers

Minneola, Florida, is a small, quiet town nestled in the heart of Central Florida. Minneola is an agricultural community with lots of local farms and nurseries. Minneola prides itself on being one of the sweetest towns in all of Florida. In Minneola, there are quaint shops, restaurants, and cafes to take care of any shopping or dining needs you may have! Minneola also has a rich history that can be seen by visiting our historical societies and museums. Learn information about Winter Garden, FL.

Minneola is located about 30 miles west of Orlando and is part of Lake County, Florida. The town was founded by William Minneola in 1887 and was initially called Lake Minneola Heights. The name was changed to Minneola in 1916. Discover facts about Bay Ridge, Florida: Quiet seaside town with a vibrant vibe.

The town has a population of just over 8000 people and is known as the “Sweetest Town in the Land of Flowers” because of its many orange groves. The oranges from Minneola are some of the sweetest you will ever taste! In addition to oranges, Minneola also produces grapefruit, tangerine, and lemons.

Today, Minneola is one of the most beautiful towns in central Florida. With its lush green parks, tranquil lakes, and charming downtown district, Minneola is a favorite destination for visitors and locals alike. The town’s annual Citrus Festival (held each February) draws thousands of people from all over the state eager to sample Minneola’s delicious fruit harvest.