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Why shingles are better than asphalt

Why shingles are better than asphalt

Shingles are better than asphalt. If you live in a region where it gets cold, then you’ve probably seen the many advantages shingles have over asphalt roofs. One of the biggest advantages is the fact that they are naturally resistant to cold. Since they’re made from wood or other natural materials, shingles don’t burn up in fires as asphalt roofs do. This makes them more effective at keeping your home safe from fire than asphalt, which can be a major issue if you live in a region with many wildfires. It is also much easier to repair a bad shingle than fixing your asphalt roof if it’s been damaged by fire.  Shingles aren’t that heavy, so putting new ones up is a very quick and easy process. 

Flat roofs are more durable than traditional roofs.

If you have a flat roof, then you know how much weight it can hold. This makes them good for many different industrial uses, and it also makes them perfect for any built-in furniture that weighs a lot. They’re also an excellent choice if you need to put up a protective covering over industrial machinery. They’re easy to keep waterproof, and they even have useful drainage systems that don’t cause any leaks or damage to the roof underneath it.

Shingles are lighter and easier to work with. Since shingles don’t have a heavy layer of asphalt on them, you can get them at lower costs. Also, putting new shingles up is much easier because they weigh less than an asphalt roof. If your home has a flat roof, then installing shingles on it will be a lot easier than installing an asphalt roof, and you’ll get better protection for your money.

Shingles are cheaper to maintain. They require very little maintenance work, so if you don’t want to do any work yourself, then all you have to do is call up the people who installed your roof in the first place. They will come and replace shingles or whatever else you need every few years, at costs that are lower than they would be for an asphalt roof.

Also, the materials you need to put up a new shingle roof are less expensive than those used with an asphalt roof. The tools you need to do repairs are more affordable as well.

Shingles are lighter and easier to work with.

If you need help putting up a new shingle roof, don’t go to your local hardware store and buy an asphalt book. The heavyweights of asphalt carpentry make them hard to use, especially if you have no experience working with the material. Shingles may be fragile and easy to rip when repairs are sometimes false, but they are far easier to work with than asphalt. They’re just as strong and durable, though, so there’s no need to be worried about the roof under them being too weak or easy to damage.

Shingles don’t have the same drawbacks as asphalt roofs. They won’t melt, burn, rot or crack under the same conditions that damage asphalt roofs. They also won’t sag as easily and are less prone to mold than asphalt, which you can be happy about if you have asthma problems. 

If you research asphalt roofs and shingles, you’ll probably find that people much prefer shingles over asphalt. This is why many communities have laws against using asphalt on the outside of buildings because their flammability can be a serious problem if they catch fire.

Shingles require very little maintenance work.

Asphalt roofs require quite a bit of maintenance work, like paint and sealing. Shingles don’t need any of this, so all you have to do is call the people who put your roof up in the first place if it starts getting damaged. They will send someone out to fix it for you, and your roof won’t have any signs of wear from regular use.

Shingles are easy to replace, and they’re cheap. If a shingle gets damaged, then all you have to do is get it fixed. The roofer will replace the affected shingle with no problems. This is easy because shingles are lightweight and pretty simple in their design structure. The new ones aren’t expensive, either. You won’t spend much money getting them replaced, and you can just call the roofer again if new ones need to be put up.

Shingles are easier to put up than asphalt roofs because they weigh less. If your home has a flat roof that is made out of asphalt, then installing shingles on it will be a lot faster and easier. It takes far less time to put up shingles since they are lighter, so your costs for labor will be significantly lowered.

The color of the roof is faded and no longer matches your home's exterior design.

If your roofing material is starting to look old and faded instead of remaining bright and colorful, then it’s time for a replacement.

If you’re redoing the exterior of your home, make sure that you choose shingles that will match it well – this includes the style, color scheme, and pattern. While slate or stone can last for a very long time, the style and color may not match your new paint job. In this case, you should get an estimate for replacing the roof with something more suitable.

If you’re in the process of redecorating your home, then now is a good time to consider getting a new roof. A fresh coat of paint can give the outside of your home a whole new look – and it will also match well with any other alterations that you may be considering doing on the inside as well!

You've noticed a lot of moss growth on the shingles or tiles.

If you spot any moss or algae growth, then it’s best to get a contractor out there as soon as possible. Moss and algae growth are signs that your roofing materials aren’t holding up well under the weather. To avoid leaks and even more damage to your home, have a professional take a look at the decay and give you an estimate for replacing damaged roofing materials.

If you’ve noticed a lot of algae growth, then it may also be time to consider changing your gutters as well – if there’s no way for water to drain away from the roof properly, then that can cause major damage in the long run.

This problem is a clear sign that your roofing materials are in need of a replacement. While slates and tiles can last for many years without needing to be replaced, they will begin to give way over time – especially if the underlying frame is decaying or otherwise damaged.

Your gutters have been clogged for some time now, with algae growing in them.

Gutters are one of the most important things that you can have, especially if you live in a place where it rains a lot on a regular basis – they provide an easy way for water to flow away from your roof. If gutters become clogged with debris, then they won’t function properly and you’ll end up with leaks and even more damage.

If you notice that your gutters are clogged, then you should get a contractor out there to assess the problem and give you an estimate for fixing them as soon as possible. Any delay in having this done can lead to major damage later on!


To make sure your roof is in good condition and protecting you from the elements, it’s important to know when a complete overhaul may be needed. By paying attention to these 6 signs that it might be time for an update, you can save yourself some money on repairs down the line.